Det är fler begåvade tjejer som gjort mig den stora äran att bli avritad.
Kolla in
annaritar vettja.
Jippy vad fint!

Postat av: Kristin

ursnyggt! de där bilderna hade varit underbara som enorma tavlor hemma :)

2008-04-15 @ 22:17:49
Postat av: Anna Krimskrams

Herregud vad duktg!

Postat av: anna

Helt galet fina!

2008-04-15 @ 23:15:25
Postat av: Syster Anna

såååå coolt. sjukt fina! puss syrran

2008-04-15 @ 23:36:08
Postat av: mothersvea

oj sa snygga!

2008-04-15 @ 23:42:29
Postat av: Maria

Åh. Nu har jag läst lite i din blogg. Tack tack tack. Den gjorde mig på så bra humör.

2008-04-16 @ 00:21:37
Postat av: felicia

åh! den översta skulle vara väldigt snygg som profilbild. matchar bakgrunden till och med tycker jag :]

2008-04-16 @ 03:16:47
Postat av: Hanna P

åh jag längtar efter den dagen någon ritar av mig! bilderna är helt great!

2008-04-16 @ 08:01:12
Postat av: Caroline

Jävlar vilka snygga!

2008-04-16 @ 11:29:38
Postat av: Anna

Gud vad kul att du gillade dom! Dagens bilder med rolling stones va fina....hmmmm kanske måste rita lite till ;)

2008-04-16 @ 11:43:05
Postat av: nora

sjukt snygg, blir grymt inspirerad

2008-04-16 @ 11:50:38
Postat av: underbaraclara

Ja, visst blir man smickrad när någon vill rita av en! Så kul!

2008-04-16 @ 13:07:09
Postat av: johanna

Men, men .. Jag blir ju aldeles mållös !
FYYY, vad snyggt

2008-04-16 @ 19:05:34
Postat av: lovisa

oh! vackert ju

2008-04-16 @ 23:14:35
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2012-06-15 @ 03:51:26
Postat av: forjader

Concerned expert<a href="">Classical Chinese Jade</a>

reminds people, Jade Necklace

buy jade must careful, choose not still can affect health.

National jewelry quality supervision and inspection center senior engineer WangChunSheng think, jade general divided into A, B and C three kinds of goods, A cargo is to point to the original color of higher jade, is not by chemical processing of jade, the price is higher. B is goods by chemical bleaching filling resin again jade, the price is cheap. C goods with poor jade, heating to 110 degrees centigrade in the solution of chromate immerse in two days, make the chromate infiltration into jade expected to <a href="">Jade Buddha</a>crack in dyeing effect, when we look at the beginning of the glittering and translucent get rid of, years later can fade, this jade cheap and fine, but no value to the collection. See more in the market now is B + C goods, with B and C goods synchronous with the goods and processed.

WangChunSheng said, A cargo is natural jade, Jade Pendant its element relatively fixed, generally harmless to the human body; B goods in the resin external force, general also won't have too big harm; B + C or C goods after dyeing the acid solution are likely will fade in on body skin damage, because some businessmen may use hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, strong acid to counterfeit jade and old ooze color, and then in the false dynasty.i'm coated with floor paint, crystal paint or epoxy resin, etc.

Beijing chaoyang hospital <a href="">Chinese Zodiac Jade</a>

director HaoFengTong think all-around-doctors occupational disease poisoning, resin kind material and Chinese Zodiac Jade acid together role, is likely to produce irritating, human body after contact with contact dermatitis, appear redness and swelling, pain, itching and peeling telltale signs, etc. The skin is sensitive to the person most likely to appear symptoms.

Two experts suggest, for health and safety, had better put not by chemical processing natural jade.

DaiYu good, the traditional Chinese way: jade is the Jade Buddha human nature, and also can adoptee jade, and so a "secret vault," said. If a piece of jade in one basket DaiJiu, it will be baptized into the blood of the spirit, jade will be more and more embellish, at the same time, to <a href="">Jade Pendant</a>bless man jade fewer illnesses, even from the sudden disaster.

If you wear with gold, can explain you have money, but unavoidably let a person feel tacky (of course, to the individual <a href="">Jade Necklace</a>character have Classical Chinese Jade special significance to gold silver except), if you have a fine jade pelosi, the talk you have grade, human. Ancient use "zeljko jade," as a noble and pronoun.

2012-08-08 @ 10:49:00
Postat av: forjader

The ancient times <a href="">Jade Necklace</a>people like beautiful jade, Classical Chinese Jade up to the imperial phase, and the common people, are very value, think that jade is Yin and Yang of the two gas pure, to human body health have a magical effect. "People have jade, jade adoptee". Jade is a storage "gas" the most abundant material, one thousand years, the royal noble in addition to wear the treasure jade, but also to take feed jade flocks bead powder well, even after her death, the mouth will also contain "bi", or wearing jade clothing, thus protecting the body. The Ming dynasty medicine...

The ancient times people<a href="">Jade Pendant</a>

like beautiful jade, up to the Jade Buddha imperial phase, and the common people, are very value, think that jade is Yin and Yang of the two gas pure, to human body health have a magical effect.

"People have jade, jade adoptee". Jade is a storage Chinese Zodiac Jade "gas" the most abundant material, one thousand years, the royal noble in addition to wear the treasure jade, but also to take feed jade flocks bead powder well, even after her death, the mouth will also contain "bi", or wearing jade clothing, thus protecting the body.

The Ming dynasty medical <a href="">Chinese Zodiac Jade</a>

experts LiShiZhen compendium of materia medica load: "the xuanzhen, jade and take to the alias. Personal fly make, so yue: take the xuanzhen (jade), their life is not." And load: "jade crumbs for flocks. Smell is jade GanPing non-toxic. [in the stomach, except hot panting vexed full, quench it, such as hemp bean under the crumbs, take the intellectual man fit for years. Can embellish cardiopulmonary, help sound, zi. Nourish hair throat five zang-organs, check, appropriate of be agitated, silver, and gold, MaiMenDong equal Fried uniform, beneficial." Thus it serves to show, jade is to medicine since ancient times, it for curing illness and health care with very good effect.

The modern scientific analysis, many jade Jade Buddha contains rich, beneficial to human body trace elements, such as chrome, iron to wait, if often wear use jade ornaments, <a href="">Jade Buddha</a>can make the beneficial elements of infiltrating through the skin, enter human body, to balance the coordination of Yin and Yang, qi and blood, promote health.

Will tell from materia medica, long-term wearing treasure jade, can keep the body of the various elements in the balance, different treasure jade have different functions. According to the mineral medical research proof, some treasure jade can produce high strength of the photoelectric effect, the diffraction force can release enough to affect human body bioelectricity, regulate metabolism of the great energy. Treasure jade special photoelectric effect in resonance with the human body function. Some treasure jade carefully cutting burnish hind have focused on the function of the storing energy during the day, absorb light, light at night. If a point at the points of light, can stimulate the meridian, dredge viscera, will produce more strange effect. Mouth contains jade, with the aid of saliva and dissolve hypha can promote the secretion, in addition to the stomach heat, ping vexed Men of the gas, the AIDS cardiopulmonary, embellish sound throat, keep the hair. The treasure jade stone to mold and inhibition, we can treat human body facial spot mark and allergic disease, etc.

The modern medical science thinks, jade also has wonderful mineral physics function. Such as diamond so can "evil flooding from poison", because the sun diamond can absorb short wave band, and become the ideal of ultraviolet light "packet", so the human body has the function of disinfection; Sapphire can alleviate respiratory system diseases; Peridot can cure asthma and high fever cause of thirst or dizziness; White jade can remove, hemostatic; Turquoise, lapis can detoxify; Topaz crystal, the precision grinding process, can make these effects focus on energy storage, form a electromagnetic fields, can with human body in resonance, thus make human body internal various function more coordination, precise operation. Crystal, the sea classics, used to be called a water jade, pure water, stone a bodhisattva. Big medical LiShiZhen in compendium of materia medica records: crystal "XinHan non-toxic", attending "fright hot, ease bright eye, heart to red eye, refreshing, and then, filling the dirty, fall blood pressure, temperature of the kidney, lung iron hot is swollen, the" disabled ", still can treat "lung pain, cough up pus inverse on gas, yue color" magical function. Modern science has also show<a href="">Classical Chinese Jade</a> that the crystals contain beneficial to human body iron, magnesium and copper, manganese, titanium, zinc, nickel, cobalt and other trace elements. Crystal and weak electromagnetic Classical Chinese Jade fields, steady and the person's mood, enhance the capability.

2012-08-08 @ 10:51:32
Postat av: forjader

, green<a href="">Classical Chinese Jade</a> stone in the eastern psychological Classical Chinese Jade treatment applied very successful, on heart problem has curative effect, and can increase the muscle flexibility, the most commonly used to <a href="">Jade Buddha</a>treat heart, relieve pressure, and eye diseases.

2, green stone are said to relieve anxiety eastern and soothe emotions, with shares in melting, complex (energy block BLOCKAGE) the best effect. This is also the healthy and the most happy, teach a person to every day happy gems.

3, emerald green, it is spring energy, is a Jade Buddha booming business is great,,, rich, good energy, is also represents a generalized wealth, can attract good friends, get unexpected help, good luck, good opportunity, good material energy to close, also is the wealth. Is speculators, gambler carry-on wear plutus lucky stone.

4, can enhance the vitality of itself, charm and affinity, more can improve gynecological problems.

5, women friends with red dongling jade can increase the affinity, strengthen the female beautiful, noble, kind of temperament..

6, red dongling jade can<a href="">Chinese Zodiac Jade</a> enhance the function of organ in more can promote the coordination between husband and wife sex. Mo health value:

A: water purification blood discharge poison

With "huang di", "tang of material Chinese Zodiac Jademedica, compendium of materia medica like medical as the basis, the detection of modern science and technology HeiYu tea can change water substructure, make inferior water is pure, can adjust the alkaline water to human needs of the PH value, can purify blood mass fall hematic fat, regulate the human body each big physiological system normalization, Jade Pendant effectively clean up human waste, softening vessels, promote the blood circulation accelerate circulation, in specific temperature (90 ℃), can effectively release their own trace elements in drinking water, softening decomposition stone in the body, and even completely ruled out; <a href="">Jade Pendant</a>

Can participate in the organization hemoglobin and all kinds of enzyme, to participate in the organization breathing and biological oxidation process, stimulated islets organization, prompted the secretion balance blood sugar and urine index, eliminate toxin in the Jade Necklace

blood and <a href="">Jade Necklace</a>impurities.

2012-08-10 @ 14:20:00
Postat av: Classical Chinese Jade

B: activate <a href="">Jade Necklace</a>collaterals Jade Necklace

prolong life

Mo ore minerals and trace elements in, in its own electrostatic field, through the human body subcutaneous cell and diameter of acupoint and the human body massage infiltration, so as to improve the body's immune function, make Jade Pendant the micro circulation system mechanism balance to to clear the meridians, blood fluent, viscera Ann and effectiveness. To cerebral thrombus sequela, cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage sequela, neurological tinnitus, cervical spondylosis tension headaches, dizziness, insomnia, neurasthenia, high blood pressure,<a href="">Jade Pendant</a>

diabetes, cerebrovascular atherosclerosis Jade Buddha and other symptoms have preventative treatment effect, long-term use can reduce wrinkle dispel spot, raise colour of embellish, growth memory, white hair turned black, hair loss regeneration, prolongs the life the effect.

C: bright eye runfei blood pressure

Often wear mo adorn article, Chinese Zodiac Jade can stimulates the blood circulation, help human detoxification, and make the skin smooth and delicate, turned white, and rich flexibility, of cervical spondylosis, pharyngitis, periarthritis of shoulder have obvious curative effect. Can adjust the Yin and Yang, can treat a fright, heart, red eye, tooth heat is swollen, cough, lung pain, hyperthyroidism, and other diseases. Have bright eye, embellish lung, and then, fall blood pressure, and other functions. <a href="">Chinese Zodiac Jade</a>

And in breast cancer have certain control efficacy. Long-term wearing can prevent alleviate suffering, make people energetic, body parts more harmonious. Mouth contains black jade, with the aid of spittle nutrition and dissolve the work enzyme, can promote the secretion, in addition to the stomach heat and the AIDS cardiopulmonary, oral ulcer open.

D, dispel spot, reduce weight, hair

Often drink tea mo stone tea, have two-way adjustment function of the body, can eliminate the body of acid metabolites, let the body of water normalization, to change human body and health, make you energetic and can dispel senile plaque, age spot, HuDieBan, a considerable number of people returning to the youth. With the long-term wash face, tea hands, feet, and bath can make skin smooth and delicate, full of sheen elasticity, eliminating wrinkle and spot, even will still have reduce weight of the surprise addition, using HeiYu tea wash eyes can cure presbyopia.<a href="">Jade Buddha</a>

Because mo tea zhongfu contains zinc, copper, Classical Chinese Jade selenium, strontium and other elements, so the service uniforms for the hair has very good maintenance function. Wash hair can prevent <a href="">Classical Chinese Jade</a>with mo tea scalp itching, remove dandruff, make a hair pitch-black compliant.

2012-08-10 @ 14:21:47
Postat av: given Jade Buddha name monk shaoxing

Jade best<p><strong><a href="">Classical Chinese Jade</a> invention and development has Jade Necklace

a long history, as early as in our country, jin and southern and northern dynasties period, the jade has become Kings and princes of the hands of the love thing.

According to the qing <p><strong><a href="">Jade Buddha</a>dynasty and grand view Jade Pendant "volume a load:" with WuMing, tang and song dynasties, the existing before." Before some year nanjing found in southern dynasty of have the bamboo forest QiXian map ", diagram in the hand WangRong.

As for the origin of happiness with the original Chinese Zodiac Jade purpose, but opinions vary. Some say it is ancient jaw rod, the qing dynasty the vision thing "the list of cloud:" the best person, an ancient jaw staff also." The shank end for finger form to itch, but such as intention, so named best, commonly known as the "don't ask for help"; Some say it is with Buddhism and afferent a Buddha with, the CiYuan "explained:" implements name, Sanskrit, then the law." It is said that the mage in front, often hand with a knife, written in the scriptures, in order to have forgotten. The years, were in shaanxi FuFengXian famen temple<p><strong><a href="">Chinese Zodiac Jade</a> in the underground palace have unearthed a handle Buddha monk flexibly, silver gilding, first for yuntou, handle for straight shank; Some said it is the ancients as with've. In the history on the record more: jin YanHao as fu, WangGong reflection, not language don't smile, but to stick with the just. And WangKai to coral tree and ShiChong, publicizing the iron strike, paid and broken.

When the five dynasties qi xiao daocheng had given Jade Buddha name monk shaoxing bamboo root flexibly; Wudi (initial hast a surname prince osmanthus fragrans flexibly; Chapter WangDuiChuan • "load:" each drunk to WeiWuDi of yuefu song, in order to best play salivary pot, pot for section edge do lack. Tang dynasty people LiHe the beginning for serve ceremony have chang valley on "poetry, have" to wall hanging flexibly, when the curtain reading Angle towel "sentence, it shows that happiness is an ancient Kings and princes favorite hand things, and imperial families still regard it as insulation gifts and the mind such as rare different product. Whenever the legend of emperor enthronement, queen princess memorial birthday, major festivals or big wedding festival good days, the maharaja ministers do it all for the emperor laid jade with wives. Therefore, at the time of gift, when push jade with the largest number of, because happiness is named in the "satisfactory" meaning, the birthday present will offer "the best", is refers to the nine handle for a box of, a total of nine box, namely 9981 handle flexibly, this is because the ancient Chinese feudal society of the ninth five-year plan high number's sake, "the maxima", the "book of changes" of cloud: "the ninth five-year plan, dragon in the day, and see adults", <p><strong><a href="">Jade Pendant</a>the son of heaven to honor, to bless the emperor ten thousand - year - long life.

From the tang, song, yuan, bright qing dynasty until to the jade are extremely seriously, but also to jade flexibly production also is excellence, especially to the qing qianlong period, emperor qianlong love is a collection of the jade emperor, the jade with add more favor, so that I was in a palace has a large collection of precious jade flexibly, as the mascot of clear acting palace, and at the same time as the emperor choose when wives pledge of and documents. From the qing dao suit like "a map, we can see that princess standing Classical Chinese Jade alone in the peony flowers ago, his hand, he cherished a handle the ganoderma lucidum shaped flat flexibly. The emperor qianlong QinYun map ", also the picture has qianlong emperor in old age, with both hands to play aficionado, a young side, also cherished a handle sandalwood inlaid with jade. In addition, it is said that emperor qianlong in the porch to state affairs or refer a ordinary current and qing poets chant, view and admire antiques, but also not hand jade best young, thus it can be seen, jade in<p><strong><a href="">Jade Necklace</a> qing dynasty is the sublime to the amazing point.

2012-08-15 @ 06:57:05
Postat av: chrysanthemum pear, etc., Jade Pendant

Besides, the <p><strong><a href="">Jade Necklace</a>jade emperor is the pledge of Classical Chinese Jade between knife. Legend empress dowager cixi for emperor guangxu choose wives, in house body and house called the optional the chancellor's daughter into the inside, in turn, arrangement, front row for the Laplace series GuiXiang female, listed at the end of the metropolitan ShiLang long uncle's female (i.e., jin concubine and ZhenFei). At that time, the empress dowager cixi Chi I end stand, tea and kingdom Aaron princess and fujin life women in seat, wherein the table with jade with a knife, red township pouch two, as the selected thing (in the qing dynasty court rules, choose the queen of with happiness, XuanFei to the person,<p><strong><a href="">Jade Pendant</a>

with red embroidered pocked to). As a result, the empress dowager cixi's prompt under, the jade emperor guangxu will grant long yu, set up as a queen, the other with red township pouch awarded ZhenFei, Jade Buddha jin concubine, elected to the palace, and at that time become charming story. In the qing dynasty, the jade best not only so, but also often as emperor give reward ministers, janissary gift, if the minister got the emperor gave, beautiful jade, it may be said expression, a enter the dragon gate, is worth ten times. In some foreign to the angel, sometimes get reward emperor, beautiful jade, it is my pleasure to.

The best quality of a material, according to the test, the first to bone, bamboo, Angle, wood, jade, stone, copper, iron, etc is made, for as long as three feet make, and then gradually become short, long but just a little feet. Its beginning cored glyph, ganoderma lucidum form, finger shape, volume cloud form, etc. As for the said jade Chinese Zodiac Jade flexibly appreciation<p><strong><a href="">Chinese Zodiac Jade</a> standard, that is to say the best beauty in where? Why are you so precious and popular? The author thinks that: first of all because it has a inner beauty, namely jade flexibly nature beauty, i.e., its quality of a material is beautiful, especially a good wood handle is enchased on quality of a material is exquisite jade carving, really bring out the best in each other, icing on the cake, amazing. Secondly, it is a kind of technology of beauty, general ancient jade best whether jade or wooden handle, all pay attention to sculpture, fine workmanship, some design the lively, full of a sense BiZhenGan and image. Again, it also has a time beauty, jade with in all times due to different, its modelling style also often have their special features, so it can reflect all times technological level and the age, the age beauty is unable to describe.

In a word, we see a jade <p><strong><a href="">Jade Buddha</a>

whether the rare, Jade Necklace

want to see its wooden handle wood case, such as annatto, sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear, etc., Jade Pendant it is to belong to a good wood; The second is to see handle inlaid jade, its quality of a material is excellent, such as hardness, gloss, moist degree, etc.; Three is to see wooden handle and jade piece of sculpture technology is fine, art of using saber is should not only exquisite, Juan xiuhe and pure and fresh and smooth, and natural have charm, no stagnate inflexible, messy feeling, if have all of the above, it can say this is a rare and precious jade with the <p><strong><a href="">Classical Chinese Jade</a>product.

2012-08-15 @ 06:58:48
Postat av: buy sustanon

Jag letar efter en viktminskning produkt som verkligen kommer att hjälpa mig att gå ner i vikt . Im inte vill spendera massor av pengar på något dodgey produkt som inte fungerar ..

2013-07-24 @ 22:04:11

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